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Substitute Teacher and/or Instructional Aide for Shiawassee RESD Center Based Programs--UPDATED 10.27.2022--links directly to application via EDUSTAFF--begin the process by clicking on Apply


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You must be employed by Shiawassee RESD to apply as an internal applicant.  Start an application or sign in if you have an account.  One of the first questions will ask  if you are an employee of the RESD.  Once you choose "yes" you will be able to see all internal postings.

Summer B-3 School Psychologist

Summer B-3 SLP #1

Summer B-3 SLP #2

Summer B-3 SSW

Summer B-3 SE Teacher #1

Summer B-3 SE Teacher #2

Summer B-3 OT

Summer B-3 PT #1

Summer B-3 PT #2

ESY OT Summer Position

ESY PT Summer Position

ESY SLP Summer Position

ESY SSW Summer Position

SCI Teacher Center Based Summer Program

Instructional Aide Center Based Summer Program

EI Teacher Center Based Summer Program

ESY MoCI Teacher

ESY Instructional Aide

ESY EI Teacher

Birth to 3 SSW Full Time







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