Welcome to the External Review Team

We would like to welcome the AdvancED External Review Team.  We are happy to have you in our county and are eager to visit our organization.  The Shiawassee RESD has 5 offices within Shiawassee County that employees approximately 220 full and part time employees providing quality learning services to our eight districts some 11,500 general and special education students and staff.  Each location houses different services.  There is one office in Corunna and four in Owosso.  This does not include Special Education program services provided to special education students in five of our district’s schools, some classrooms added within the last two years.

Local School District Support

Shiawassee RESD supports local school districts with cost efficient, non-duplicative county-wide services.  We provide research-based teaching and learning methods and professional development to school personnel, along with direct services like speech, physical therapy and many others to public and nonpublic school students, and  Special Education for students birth to 26, as well as Early Childhood, Great Parent/Great Start services, Shiawassee Scholars and Career & Technical Education.  We also provide Business Office services such as payroll and accounting for districts in our service area, technology and data support, school improvement and state reporting support, and statewide innovative projects that serve professionals who provide services to students and their families.

Standards and Indicators

Standard & Indicators Complete Document

Each link below will direct you to a table of contents that includes documentation for each of the Standards and Indicators.  

We hope you enjoy your visit.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need assist.

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