Shiawassee RESD 22-23 CTE (Vocational Education) Programs








Career and Technical Education (CTE) evolved from Vocational Education (VocEd) and the terms are interchangeable


Why is Shiawassee RESD Seeking a CTE (Vocational Education) Millage?

  To centralize SRESD CTE programs for easier access by all districts

  To help provide student transportation to SRESD CTE programs

  To reduce the tuition cost for districts for SRESD CTE Programs


What are the benefits of CTE (Voc Ed) programs?

  • FREE college credit
  • Industry Recognized Credentials
  • Field trips, job shadowing, paid/unpaid work experiences
  • Leadership and community service opportunities
  • Mock interviews, resume writing
  • Teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving activities

The Shiawassee RESD offers CTE (Voc Ed) programs to all high school students in: Byron, Corunna, Durand, Laingsburg, Morrice,  New Lothrop, Owosso, and Perry


95% of Shiawassee County CTE seniors graduated last year, compared to a Statewide graduation rate of 81.4%

1,163 Students from Shiawassee County participated in CTE (Vocational Education) programs at the Shiawassee RESD over the last 9 years


How Much Will the CTE Millage Cost Shiawassee Families? 

$127,500 is the Median Property Value in Shiawassee County
Home/Property Value Taxable Value Cost per Year Cost per Month
$100,000 $50,000 $50/year $4.17/month
$127,500 $63,750 $63.75/year $5.31/month
$150,000 $75,000 $75/year $6.25/month


Major Reasons For Supporting the CTE (Vocational Education) Millage Proposal on 8/2/22

  • Provides training by instructors who have industry experience for high skill, high wage, and high demand jobs
  • Gives Shiawassee County the skilled workforce necessary to support existing businesses and attract new businesses and industry


Student Testimonials

“The skills I learned in CTE earned me a scholarship to both the Culinary Institute of America in New York and the Mott Community College Culinary Institute through the NAACP competition.”
- Kylie L., Culinary

“My CNA made it possible for me to afford my post-secondary education.”
– Ali S., Health Science

“I am excited to have 50% of my seat time done for my apprenticeship.  This means continuing my education will cost less.  This will allow me to focus on gaining my on the job training toward my journeyman’s.”
– Troy B., Electrical


How Does Shiawassee Compare in CTE (VocEd) Funding to Our Neighboring Counties?


CTE Funding per Year

$12.6 Million
$10.3 Million
$3 Million
$2.2 Million


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