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Coronavirus Workplace Screening Guidance for SRESD Employees

  1. Prior to reporting to work, please complete the SRESD Coronavirus Workplace Screening each day.  This screening tool is based on guidance from the Shiawassee County Health Department and can be accessed by using a QR code or the following link to submit the form electronically:
    Coronavirus Workplace Screening Form
    QR Code for Coronavirus Workplace Screening Form<
  2. The QR code and the link to access the SRESD Coronavirus Workplace Screening  Form can be found on the SRESD Website under Employee Forms. 
  3.  To use the QR Code to access the Workplace Screening Form
    • On your compatible smart phone or tablet, open the built-in camera app.
    • Point the camera at the QR code.
    • Tap the banner that appears on your phone or tablet.
  4.  If you respond “Yes” to any questions on the screening form, please reach out to your direct supervisor for further instructions prior to reporting to work.

Note:  If you have difficulties with accessing the Workplace Screening Form,  please reach out to your direct supervisor for assistance.  Normal procedures for reporting an absence from work remain in effect in addition to completing this screening form.

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