Science Curriculum Alignment

The K-7 GLCE are arranged so that they may be printed on mailing labels.

Click here for the K-7 GLCE Labels:

The companion documents provide instructional and assessment ideas and examples.

The K-7 power standards were developed by the M2 consortium in conjunction with local teacher experts.  They contain all of the GLCE and are organized into teaching sequences.

The GLCE for K-7 Science provide clarity for what students are expected to know and be able to do by the end of each grade.

Entire K-7 Document

These documents should be used in conjunction with the 2009 MEAP Item Analysis Reports for grades 5 and 8 in science to assist in deciphering areas of strength as well as areas to be targeted for improvement.

Grade 5 2009 MEAP
Grade 8 2009 MEAP

Biology HS Expectations

Earth Science HS Expectations

Physics HS Expectations

Chemistry HS Expectations

High School Clarification Documents

Biology HS Clarifications

Earth Science HS Clarifications

Physics HS Clarifications

Chemistry HS Clarifications

Essential Content Expectations are those expectations that ALL students are expected to have knowledge of upon graduation and are assessable on the Michigan Merit Exam (MME).  They are denoted in the content expectations with an Upper Case Letter.


The first version of HSCE for Science included pre-requisite expectations.  When the K-7 GLCE were developed the HS pre-requisites were incorporated into the K-7 GLCE.  The attached files indicate where those expectations are incorporated into the K-7 GLCE.  These files were created by the TBA ISD.

Biology Pre-Requisites

Earth Science Pre-Requisites

Physical Science Pre-Requisites

The College and Career Readiness Standards help to define what curricular knowledge students need in order to be successful in post-secondary education and the world of work.

This report identifies the Depth of Knowledge Levels of the Michigan Content Expectations for Science as aligned with the depth of knowledge levels of the Webb Alignment Model.

Graphic representation of Norman Webb's Depth of Knowledge. 

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