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Please review the document below for more information from the Michigan Department of Education regarding educator certification.

Certificate Renewal Requirements as of June 20, 2014

The Michigan Department of Education has created a new system for educators to renew their certification.  The new Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) is a secure web-based application.  Educators will use MOECS to apply for certificates, renewals, duplicate certificates and pay certification fees using a credit card. 

Renew Certificate or License

If you are using SCECHs to renew your certificate or license in MOECS, you need to locate your Personal Identification Code (PIC) on MOECS and place it in the Secure Central Registry (SCR) to have your SCECH credits appear in MOECS.

Once your PIC is in the SCR, any SCECHs already uploaded in the SCR should appear in MOECS within four (4) business days.

College Credits

College credits are not transferred into the Secure Central Registry as SCECHs.  MOECS has a separate location on your account to record the college credits you have earned. After you have entered MOECS and updated your profile, there will be a menu button on the left side of your screen to "View/Update College Credit". 

MDE Educator Services

Educator Certification

SCECH Application


  • Complete form and submit through the above link
  • Once submitted, you will receive an email with the application attached
  • Follow instructions within the email to complete the process

NOTE: Application MUST be submitted 45 days prior to the first day of the event. 

  • Submit application filled out completely and signed
  • Submit a detailed Agenda with times and total clock hours
  • Submit individual SRESD Registration Form for participant
    • For SRESD events - this form is included in the LearningStream/ABC registration process
    • For local districts please use the  Local Districts Form (todo broken link)


  • Attend the entire event to earn SCECH
  • Complete an online evaluation in Secured Central Registry (SCR) within 30 days from upload to MDE to receive SCECH credit for event.

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